The 5th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise on April 1st was held at Shone Farm.  Celebrants enjoyed a wonderful dinner under the expert direction of Doug Keane who donated his time and expertise working with students of the SR Junior College Culinary Program to create a superb menu.  Our club honored winners of the Marie Sparks Award past and present, chosen by the City of Healdsburg in recognition of their dedication and volunteerism given tirelessly to our community.  The most recent recipients are Carol Noack, Denny Drowty and Gus Hermoso.   Gus was honored posthumously with great affection.  Jay Beckwith was awarded the Fool's Trophy in praise of silliness and Will Durst provided more humor rising to the occasion's theme of Fool's Night Out.
The decor was stunningly created by our own Kent England assisted by his team, Jay Beckwith, Dan Erickson, Jim Brenton, Fred Walter, Larry Orr, and Jesse Shaw.  Will Seppe in conjunction with Chef Keane planned the menu.  He and his committee, mentioned above, worked tirelessly to produce a great event.  David Wasley delighted us with his talents at the keyboard while we dined. Thank you to the HHS Jazz Band and the Windsor Bloco Brazillian-Style Drum and Dance Troupe who provided the perfect "opening acts" for the evening.
Go to the Photo Album File at the right of the Home Page for the slide show remembrance.  All photos were taken by the Noon Club's Rick Tang!!!!