The HEALDSBURG  WONDER LEAGUE. had its opening game on  Saturday, May 14th and a fun time was had by all!  League Commissioner  George Lawson organized a great day of fun for the participating Rotarians,  children with special needs and volunteers from the community.  No one was injured and everyone got to bat, hit the ball and  run as many bases as they wanted.  The children all seemed to have a   really great time playing ball and several adults watching were heard to say  that this is a wonderful activity for the children, the community and Sunrise  Rotary.  As much as the kids enjoyed the day, I think all of us  participating and helping out enjoyed and appreciated the day as much as they  did.


The "Golden Voice" of Fred  Walter was heard announcing each player as they came to bat as well as  announcing close plays in the field.  Terry "Zito" pitched (like  his name sake Barry Zito, is past his prime and way overpaid for his limited  skills) and has an ERA of 10.9 after this game.  Sunrise Rotarians Jack Mallinson, Richard  Hillman, Sandi Passalaqua, Bob Durler, Pam Everson, Larry Orr, Howard Brunner,  Andy Esquivel and Archie Julian all assisted Commissioner Lawson by coaching,  acting as player buddies, registering participants and providing refreshments  (thanks Archie).  The rumor is that Terry got to pitch because he pledged  a $50 donation to the RI Foundation for the privilege of playing ball with these children. It's a  standing offer - so if you want to pitch one of these games simply pledge more  than Terry's $50 and you too can pitch in the WONDER LEAGUE - the satisfaction  of being a part of this activity is well worth the donation.


There will be games each of the next 4  Saturdays, 1:30 pm at Foss Creek Community Center - Come out,  participate,  and watch the kids have a wonderful time!