Kim Vail has been the Executive Director of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau since September 2015.
Kim Vail has been the Executive Director of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau since September 2015. He was raised on a farm in Indiana and has been in agriculture his entire life.. He retains ownership in a farm in Indiana. He received a degree in agricultural economics from Purdue University and has worked for various Farm Bureau sfor over 20 years.
Sonoma County Farm Bureau has over 3,000 members representing agricultural interests in Sonoma County. It includes individual members, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations in its membership. It provides services of information to the community and government regarding agricultural issues. It promotes agricultural education in the schools, provides assistance with government agencies and advocates for agriculture especially its role in society. They have recently moved from their offices on Piner Rd. in Santa Rosa to West Wind Boulevard off Airport Dr. in Santa Rosa. They will have been in Sonoma County for exactly 100 years this summer.
Farm Bureau is an independent, non-governmental, voluntary not for profit organization of farm and ranch families united for the purpose of analyzing their problems and formulating action to achieve educational improvement, economic opportunity, and social advancement and, thereby, to promote the national well-being. Farm Bureau is local, county, state, national, and international in its scope and influence and is non-partisan, non-sectarian and not-secret in character. Farm Bureau is the voice of agricultural producers at all levels.
From the Farm Bureau website:
Sustainability is behind almost all the activities of the Farm Bureau. To flourish, agriculture needs to have a constant focus on the social issues related to agriculture, economic issues related to profitability and concern for the environment in which it operates. Thus, many of the activities come together at the intersection of civilization and Mother Nature. One main purpose is to educate the non-agrarian segments of our society about the requirements for sustainable agricultural production, and the value that it provides for society.
Fundraising and educational events sponsored by the Farm Bureau include a Crab Feed and Wine Fest attended by 1500 people, Ag-Days, a 2 day programs for high school students, at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, a golf tournament and a Love of the Land celebration held annually were stewards of the land are recognized and rewarded for their participation. Last year's funds from these events help to support over $140,000 in scholarships as well as operational expenses for the organization. Currently the organization has five staff positions. An open sixth position is present for somebody specializing in Governmental Relations, coordination.
A great deal of current time and resources are allocated to the labor force required to raise and harvest crops in Sonoma County. Farm Bureau is very active in Sacramento working to obtain a legal guest worker program that would help fulfill some of these needs. This is extremely difficult to do, given the current political climate.
Other activities include exploration of incorporating cannabis production into our agricultural community. Issues of safety, security and legality make any definitive decisions difficult.
The Farm Bureau works with all agricultural business whether viticulture, organic gardening, dairy, beef, pork, sheep, and poultry. It truly covers a wide landscape of activities and services.
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