Nita Parker from the noon Club introduced Erin Dunn, District Governor. Erin is a former President of the Fortuna Club. She is the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce in Fortuna. Graduated from the University of Oregon. She had worked for over 20 years as a theatrical press agent throughout the country including New York. She enjoys exploring Rotary and learning all of the wonderful things that it does throughout the world. She has had worldwide involvement with Rotary in India and in Uganda.
She opened her presentation with the slogan from current Rotary International president Ravi Ravindran – Be A Gift To The World. She then reviewed the activities of the Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise that were presented to her last evening in a meeting with the officers and Board of Directors and truly believes that we are a gift to our community and to the world.
Erin loves Rotary because it offers her a chance to join with leaders, exchange ideas and take actions. These are the functions of a successful Rotary Club and they encourage us to continue along the path that we are currently taking.
Erin has done a great deal of exploring Rotary during her many years of involvement. She has recently participated in exchange programs in India and in Uganda. She loves finding out the various ways that Rotary works at local, national and international levels to bring about improved conditions for the people of the world. She encourages all active Rotarians to explore the Rotary International website to find out more about how they may be involved in these activities.
She encourages members to become involved with District activities including international projects and working with interact and rule direct clubs. There will be a district conference on May 6-8, 2016 in Napa. There's an outstanding program planned which will focus on vocational services, mentoring, and how we can leverage our personal experience into educating and helping youth.
She drew members’ attention to the International Convention to be held in Seoul Korea in 2016. Those members who have attended can attest to the vibrancy that comes from being in the same location with so many Rotarians from around the world.
Aaron ended her program with presenting her "Shining Star Award" to members that were felt to be important to the club. The criteria for this award were quite fuzzy and I think they may have come about after plying Lee with a couple of drinks. Terry Tremblay and Doug Pile received this award for the services that they provide to the club. In keeping with the fuzzy criteria for the award, the photograph, which was taken by a substitute photographer, was blurred.
Erin was given an enthusiastic round of applause for her energizing presentation, exhorting us to be better Rotarians.