Development of Mill District
David Hill took the podium to talk about the major development occurring on Healdsburg Avenue between the plaza and Highway 101.  The Company has been around in various formations for 25 to 30 years.  Their forte is building homes in a mixed use environment including homes, retail, hotel, restaurants and recreation.  A lot of what they have built has been in the Alpine or ski areas.  At one time they were the largest owner/operators of ski areas in the world.  That company was sold in 2006 which led to the formation of re:play.  
They have traveled extensively but kept coming back to Sonoma County and Healdsburg.  Almost exactly 2 years ago Jim Hide said there is 10 acres of land 2 blocks from the plaza in Healdsburg available for development.  They came to town and were introduced to NuForest and Reed Dennis.  Mr. Dennis explained that they were looking to sell as the site in Healdsburg is too small, the area is too busy, and they want to move to land they own in Cloverdale.  This resulted in the purchase of the land in early 2016.  NuForest is very close to moving out of the facility.  They still do some warehousing at the location.  
A short video showing employees of NuForest and how this move will affect their lives.  They talked about the time they had spent in the mill and one could see many have fond feelings for the old mill.  
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