Martin Luther King Day Day of Service was provided jointly by Healdsburg High School Interact members along with students from Rio Lindo Academy. January 20, 2014.
On Monday, 20 January 2014, Martin Luther King Day, 4 students from the Healdsburg High School Interact Club, along with 12-15 students from Rio Lindo Academy shared a day of activities with children at the Healdsburg Boys and Girls club.
The day started at approximately 9:30 AM when student volunteers were paired with a member of the club for the days activities. The activities in the morning included getting to know your student, and telling them about yourself. They next spent time in nearby Georgi Park with an organized group cleanup of the area. This was followed by lunch back at the Boys and Girls Club.
Following lunch there was a period of shared reading with both student and volunteer choosing a book and reading to each other.
Next there was focused activity on the significance of Martin Luther King and the way that he influenced justice, freedom and liberty for all people in the United States, and by example for the rest of the world. Time was spent focusing on his public service and his ability to engage people of all colors to work side-by-side for the betterment of society.
Next there was a planned march for which the students, along with their club member, created posters to carry on a march around the perimeter of the Boys and Girls Club, and to pose for a group photo at the end.
There was a snack break following this activity and then a group meeting to discuss the significance of the day and what had been learned by the students as well as by the club members. There were opportunities for photographs to be taken of the student-member pairs.
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