Gail Jones-Neighbors Network Of Healdsburg, ( )

Gail Jones-Neighbors Network Of Healdsburg, ( )
Ms. Jonas presented a personal as well as community-based perspective on this volunteer organization, Neighbors Network of Healdsburg, which was started in 2013. The organization provides volunteer assistance for people who are in temporary need of assistance because of medical disabilities or other short-lived conditions.
The concept of the organization began when Ms. Jonas suffered a hip fracture that ultimately required hip joint replacement. In her words “being old and single left her with little means for assistance” and she sought help from friends and neighbors and was overwhelmed with the response that she got. This type of community response was both heartwarming and  became the impetus to set in motion the concept of mobilizing this pool of willing volunteers in the community to provide services for other people with similar needs.
Over the course of 4-6 months, the concept of an organization that could be the home base for people willing to volunteer their time, as well as an organization that could facilitate the direction of these volunteers to make their time most effective and efficient came into formation. This organization now has nearly 100 volunteers of all ages, ranging from 7 years old up to people in their 80s and 90s.
NNOH offers a wide range of services including:
1.            Rides to medical appointments and help with picking up prescriptions
2.            Meal preparation and delivery along with some grocery shopping
3.            Help around the house with basic yardwork, pet care, light housekeeping and laundry
4.            Moving furniture and rearranging it to accommodate recovery from surgery
5.            Equipment loans for temporary use such as walkers, commodes, shower benches, grab or support bars for showers or baths
The service provided is temporary, meaning it will a present for a week or 2 prior to surgery and for up to one month following surgery. It is not to be considered a service organization, but rather a group of neighbors who want to help make life a bit easier for you, your family and your friends during what can be a very trying time.
Services can be obtained by calling the NNOH telephone number (477-2727) at least 3 days before the 1st anticipated need. Four coordinators respond to these calls. They in turn will contact a “point person” who is in charge of the particular type of assistance being requested. The point person will then contact  a pool of volunteers providing that service and give the volunteer the telephone number of the person needing the service so that the necessary arrangements can be made.
NNOH has printed a colorful and informative brochure that is available for distribution. Copies of this may be downloaded from their website,
Congratulations, Ms. Jonas, for starting such an important and valuable service within our community.