This year we are most fortunate to have a guest speaker with first hand experience in the South Pacific during WWII.   Dr. Charles Greene served with the 3rd Marine Division from 1944-45 and participated in both campaigns for the islands of Guam and Iwo Jima.  Following the cessation of hostilities, he was transferred to the 1st Marine Division in Northern China.
After the war, he persued his education at the University of Chicago under the GI Bill and received a Ph.D., in chemistry, in 1952.  Working for Shell Oil Company for 30 years, he built commercial plants and invented the process to produce industrial chemicals, synthetic rubber and detergents.
Following retirement from Shell, he worked as an expert witness in the Federal courts in the United States, and also courts in England and Germany.
Currently he serves as a substitute teacher in science in Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Roseland and Santa Rosa school districts.  He tutors chemistry and math two days per week at Santa Rosa High School. 
Don't miss this opportunity to meet this distinguished member of our community.