Pres. Pam introduced Rotarian Bipin Chhajed, who is the leader of the contingent from Rotary District 3060 from Gujarati province in India. He introduced each of the members from his team along with their spouses. Each person gave a brief description of himself, his or her relationship to Rotary, and their interests in participating in the Rotary Friendship Exchange.
District 3060 produced the President of Rotary International in the year 2010-11. The presence of the Friendship Exchange team here emphasizes the view of “one world-one family” that exemplifies Rotary. It is their bond with Rotary that brought them to Sonoma County for this exchange.
Rotarian Bipin presented a slide show highlighting aspects of Rotary in his country and his district as well as focusing on the cultural and industrial aspects of his community. India has 34 Rotary International Districts, 3052 Rotary Clubs and 111,000 members. His district (3060) has 82 Clubs, 3600 Rotarians, 80 Rotaract Clubs, 70 Interact Club's and 68 Rotary Community Core programs. India has a population of 1.27 billion people, 4 times that of the United States. These people are concentrated in area approximately 1/3 the size of the United States. India is a world leader in farm output, ranking behind the United States. India is the hub of many textile industries, and the world's 4th largest denim cloth producer is based in Gujarati. Over 90% of the world's raw diamonds are finished and then exported all over the world from Gujarat province. They are also leaders in milk production in India. Mohandas Gandhi was born in Gujarat Tea is also one of their main crops.
India is a very diverse country that remains united despite having at least 6 major religions and numerous other ethnic groups. India is home of the Taj Mahal, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. It has lush forests and arid deserts. Numerous resorts are present that are world-class destinations. Multiple cooking traditions are present in India, and indeed food is one of their major interests. Throughout the year there are many festivals.
There are numerous photographs from his slideshow in the photo albums on our website on Club Runner. Members are encouraged to view these for a reminder of what was discussed at the meeting.