Since our club's inception, under the leadership of Herb Liberman, we have partnered with Voz Que Clama in supporting the indigenous Cabecar tribe in Costa Rica.  Our contributions have assisted them with clean drinking water and medical supplies.  Our support has expanded into the area of education.  We have been instrumental in helping them realize their dream of a new high school.  Please see the slideshow located at the bottom right of the Home Page in Photos.
An update and note of gratitude:
Hola Amigos 
Hope you all are doing well
This is a little update on the Sinoli School Project
As many of you know in the indigenous area in Chirripo Cabecar there some schools but not many secondary schools, so the indigenous communities ask us for help and that’s how we started this project. 
The government was prepared to send five teachers and a director but we needed to start building classrooms for teachers should be designated to this area. The deadline to show progress of construction was December, and here you will see the sending photographs of progress of the three classrooms and typical Indian shack for advanced students. So the good news is that they have confirmed the teaching staff for this school. 
The materials used so far are metal roof sheets, bamboo, metal mesh, rope, tools such as shovels, picks, machetes, chainsaw, wood and 10 people working permanently until the end of this first stage. 
Remember that access to community Sinoli is 5 hours walking, and people have transported both materials and tools. 
This is the first phase of this project, although the aqueduct, the bathrooms for students, for teachers house, tables, chairs, blackboards and quite possibly more classrooms were needed but we continue to work without stopping. We know that the future has good things and one of them is the blessing of people coming together to help make this high school a reality. 
Thank you very much to all who helped and those who help in the future.
God bless you!
Daniel Montoya
VQC Mission Costa Rica