Amy Covins President of the Board, Healdsburg Prune Packers talks about the team and the season
Amy Covin, a local CPA, has been involved with the Prune Packer baseball team since her son was in high school. Prior to that she had little interest or knowledge about baseball but learned a great deal about the game by her son's participation. She gave a short history of the team. The Prune Packers were founded in 1921 and were a true MLB farm Club with excellent players. They were active for approximately 10-15 years before the league and the team began to dissolve. They were dormant until the 1950s when they were re-constituted with both local and college players. Again the team lasted for 15-20 years. In 2012 they were resuscitated by a private investor who wanted to make it a for-profit organization. They became part of the California Collegiate League, sponsored in part by major league baseball, which serves as a training ground for prospects for the major leagues. They were not successful as a for-profit organization and shortly after 2012 they became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. This was the time that Amy became actively associated with the team. Interestingly, in her first year with working with the team, she hosted two players who came just at the time that her house burned in a tragic fire. It did not deter her. She persisted!
For the past several years, the team has depended upon sponsorships and donations as well as a gradually increasing stream of revenue from attendance at their numerous games held at Recreation Park. Since 2012 they have been in the black, and have actually had extra money for donation to charitable causes. They participate with the Junior Giants Program and use funding from that to help sponsor programs for underprivileged children, including field trips to Giants baseball games. They generously “Buddy” with our Wonder League plays in the last game of the season played at Rec. Park
They  play over approximately 20-22 home games during the months of June and July in Healdsburg. Admission is $5, children under 10 are free. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are available. There is a "non-raffle" with some really nice prizes. Every attendee gets one free ticket.
Their schedule can be found at on the Internet.
The team is always looking for sponsors, who were given great recognition during the game or games that they have agreed to sponsor. This creates tremendous goodwill within the community, and gives the college-age players a chance to see a community coming together for a good cause, a good game, and a slice of good old America. There are numerous opportunities for citizen participation in different aspects of team functions, including grounds and maintenance, field preparation, equipment repairs. There is also a need for housing for the students who are typically here for a two month period of time. Parkpoint Health Club provides free memberships for all of the athletes during their stay in Healdsburg.
The team has petitioned the city of Healdsburg to allow the sale of beer and wine at the games. So far they have received a deaf ear. It is felt that if community members write letters and show up at city Council meetings, there might be some leniency allowed in this. The Prune Packers know all of the routines for safe and accountable sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages on a city property.
Amy hopes to see some or all of us at some or all of their games this summer. Definitely a fun and memorable experience!