Chartered in 2009, the Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise celebrated its second anniversary on April 1st at Hudson Street Wineries 

 P’Willie named the founding members of Healdsburg Sunrise and asked them to stand and be recognized. Thanks to all of you for getting us started! He also thanked Carla, Lee and the rest of the helping crew for the club anniversary party on Friday, April 1 held at the Hudson Street Wineries. Great party!


At the anniversary celebration Greg Marguillo was awarded the second annual award of the Fools Cup. P’Willie asked him to pick it up from the engraver and to display it where he works at Brandt Insurance. A verification team needs to check this out.

Greg complained that he was not invited to last years anniversary celebration just before he became a member. P’Willie accepted a $37 fine (approximate number of members present) for this oversight.