District Governor, Wulff Reinhold, presented an overview of the goals of Rotary International for 2016-2017
District Governor, Wulff Reinhold, presented an overview of the goals of Rotary International for 2016-2017 as well has his own personal visions for what District 5130 might be doing in the coming year. He began his presentation stating that his role as District Governor is to bring the resources of Rotary International to local Clubs so that we in turn can do our own "good work". Distinct 5130 includes the six coastal counties in Northern California, 46 Clubs and 5 Rotaract organizations. At one meeting per week for visitation, he will have one week off during the year.
The number one priority for Rotary at the Club level is to increase membership. Membership has been stagnant at 1.2 million for Rotary International, and has actually been declining in the continental United States and to a lesser degree in Europe. Much of this is due to the changing demographics. Clubs should be looking at how to engage 30-40-year-old young adults who are dealing with family, financial and time constraints that leave little time left over for service-oriented Clubs. Although millennial's are not joiners, they feel it is important to engage in community activities, and as such would probably welcome being invited to see what Rotary does at a local level, possibly as a prelude to membership.
Rotary International is also doing away with the concept of having a meeting every week. Instead, they encourage each Club to have at least two gatherings a month as a group. Attendance does not need to be taken.
He encourages leaders in the Club, as well as Club members, to engage our sponsors to become members of the Club. Several Clubs are exploring corporate memberships as well as family memberships. Not to be forgotten is the role that experienced professionals in the club can play in mentoring young professionals in their respective trades.
There is also a big push at Rotary to brand our product differently. They are getting away from simply displaying a wheel, as was done in the past. Now they are having the wheel used in conjunction with Rotary as the standard and official logo for all Clubs. The presidential theme logo and wording is for use within the Club and within the District.
He briefly mentioned District grants, and their value.
Rotary International is holding their convention in Atlanta, Georgia from June 10-14, 2017. Club officers and members are encouraged to attend. The District is also having a conference in Lake Tahoe over the Mother's Day weekend of 2017 (May 12-14, 2017). This will be at the Tahoe incline Village Hyatt Regency and families are invited.
He also talked about the District directors Club piece committee concept. Each Club in the District should develop a Peace Committee to promote peace and harmony in our communities. The chairperson of each Club Peace Committee will be a member of the District Peace Committee. At a local level, this would involve changing labeling and perhaps having permanent markers made to attach to our projects indicating Rotary's role in promoting world peace.