Youth Services is a Core Theme for the Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise.               
Since our chartering in 2009, the Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise has focused its attention on youth locally and internationally.  Four of the Avenues of Service have welcomed ideas and programs which support that focus while the fifth, Club Service, a large and varied committee under the leadership of James Brenton, develops a supportive structure allowing all of this to be possible:
Community Service has initiated the Scholar Athlete Awards Program, The Wonder League and the Fourth of July Kid's Parade.  It also has supported Healdsburg Educational Foundation as well as Operation Jazz Band.  Look for new and exciting programs that are being presented by this year's committee chairs, George Lawson and Jay Beckwith: working with the Boys and Girls Club, creating a more Bicycle Friendly town with a possible kids' training area and perhaps Maker Camps.
International Service has given scholarships to students in Kenya allowing them to attend school.  They have assisted in building a secondary school in Costa Rica through Voz Que Clama. Pam Everson and Herb Liberman are investigating new ways to Light-Up the homes of families where there is little or no electricity.
Vocational Service has presented the Choices For Change Program to all 7th graders at Healdsburg Junior High encouraging them to stay in school. Rich Hillman is in the process of organizing this year's Choices program scheduled for October 15 and 16.  Teams will train on-line and then in one group to ensure solid presentations.  The Marce Becerra Academy Mentoring Program and Formal Speaker Series will begin this month.  Members will meet with Seniors and assist them with their Senior projects.   The Marce Becerra Academy Scholarship Awards will again be presented in May. 
Youth Services organizes the Interact Club at the High School, participates in District-wide RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards),  the Short Term Youth Exchange Program and donates scholarship funds to support winners of the Summer Science Program held in New Mexico.   Ed Smith is heading up this committee along with Andy Esquivel and Manuel Ramos.  The Interact Club is off to a great start with over 30 students already signed up.  There will be a meeting at the school on September 2 to attract and inform perspective members.  Free pizza will be served.  The first Interact Club meeting will be on September 9.  There will be more to come as this vital committee organizes the other components of Youth Services
The following stories are just a few examples of our club's commitment to youth: