The meeting on 4 November 2015 was a club assembly. It was moderated by Pres. Lee Morton.
 At the club assembly the first item of business was a brief presentation by Past President Pam Moulton on her attendance at the ZoneInstitute presented by Rotary International In Hawaii. The focus of the Institute was "Connecting For Good" There were numerous presentations, of which two stood out. One was a presentation  by a neuroscientist who has studied the chemistry of happiness within the brain. Interestingly, the pathways that are  activated by happiness are the same pathways that are activated when we are providing service to others. He postulated that one reason Rotarians may enjoy giving as much as they do this because of this neural pathway simply feels good!. The second presentation that struck her was the degree of connectivity that is necessary to have an active and vital club. Rotary participation in the United States is declining while Rotary participation in other parts of the world is increasing. A strong connection between the use of social media to pull clubs together was noted in these circumstances. It struck Pam that perhaps we need a greater effort at connectivity in our club with more members participating in social media.
The status of fundraising projects was next reviewed by Diane Bucher. Our Wine and Dine event is progressing smoothly. Tickets will be available for sale in early December and the drawing for the grand prize will be held on Valentines Day.
Possible revenue sources for the Duck Dash have been reviewed with communication with the Roseburg, Oregon Rotary club which has a very successful Duck Dash event. They solicit major prizes from businesses and have an extensive pre-event publicity program. They also specify in a very clear manner exactly how the dollars donated will be turned back into the community for various projects that have visible and meaningful impact. Businesses sponsor the program with donations between $100 - $1,000 each. It was felt that our event, that has multiple heats of races for prizes, to have each heat sponsored by a business whose name would be advertised and presented over the PA system prior to the heat.
The club members were asked to put their heads together to help locate a new venue for our Wednesday morning meetings. Due to business considerations we will no longer be able to use the Krug Event Center after 1 January 2016.
The meeting closed with a reminder of our Veterans Appreciation and Awareness Breakfast to be held next Wednesday morning at the Annex of the Viilla Chanticleer starting at 7 AM.