District Gov. Kevin Eisenberg gave a rousing presentation on Rotary service, pride and joy.
District Gov. Kevin Eisenberg gave a rousing presentation on Rotary service, pride and joy. Kevin has a long history of leadership in the Rotary. He is a member of the Calistoga Club. He is a retired school administrator and teacher and uses these skills effectively when presenting the message of Rotary.
The theme, Light Up Rotary, was the basis of this talk. The president of Rotary international is Gary C.K. Huang, a Taiwanese man and Kevin aptly opened his comments with a quotation from Confucius–“ It is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness.”
Members Light Up  Rotary by the service that they provide. Not only local activities but activities on the international scene help to improve the lives of countless millions of people. From a local school project to a worldwide program to eradicate polio, Rotary is always doing services that light up the world.
Each member can Light Up Rotary by making awareness of Rotary more common in the community. Members are encouraged to wear their pin not just to meetings, but throughout the week. It serves as a springboard for conversation and the opportunity to present to non-Rotarians the scope of our services and the joy that we receive from performing them.
Rotarians should Light Up Rotary in their Club activities with fun, comaradie and social networking. He encouraged singing at meetings, joking, and smiling. He encouraged social gatherings outside of the work associated with service projects to help build friendships and goodwill.
All Rotarian should be proud that we have such a distinguished record of service both locally and internationally. We should also have it huge amount of pride in our Four Way Test. Rotarians are always asking the questions in the Four Way Test to evaluate their efforts, and when the test is adhered to, the results of those efforts are truly something that instills a great deal of pride and joy. We need to share with our communities the joy that we take from what Rotary does on a local and international level.
Kevin gave particular emphasis to the international activities of the Rotary Foundation which include water sanitation projects, illness prevention and eradication (polio/malaria), maternal and child health, education and literacy, especially for women, economic independence and stability in those countries where we are serving and ultimately promoting world peace through our efforts at improving all of the above factors.
At the end of his presentation, Kevin was presented a Rotarian tote bag with the Rotarian emblem boldly presented on its outer side. A donation was also made to the Rotary Foundation in his name.