Marrianne McBride has been the President and CEO of the Council on Aging since 2009.
Marrianne McBride has been the President and CEO of the Council on Aging since 2009. Marrianne is a 2012 recipient of the Northbay Business Journal’s nonprofit leadership award and Council on aging was chosen by the North Bay Biz magazine as the “Best Nonprofit” for 2013. Marrianne heads up the organization with a budget of just under 5 million and 75 employees.
Prior to Council on Aging she was with the United Way of Sonoma-Mendocino-lake and served as the Vice President of Resource Development. From 1992 to 2001 Marrianne also served as the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Cloverdale.
Marrianne talked about aging in general in Sonoma County and about the Council on Aging and the role that they play in Sonoma County and also about the aging together movement in Sonoma county.
There are about 111,000 seniors over the age of 60 in Sonoma County, with a total population of just under 500,000 the senior population is the fastest growing segment of the population. It is expected that the population will peak out at around 140,000. Around 41% of our seniors living in Sonoma County are living in poverty. Many are living with chronic medical issues and nearly 35% are living alone.
The Council on Aging mission is to enhance the quality of life of our aging population by providing services and programs that promote well-being and maintain independence. They have been serving Sonoma County since 1966 and were founded in direct response to the Older Americans act. The Older Americans act passed in 1965 and said that as communities we have a basic responsibility to support our seniors. That is to provide legal services, case management, provide meals and many other things to
protect them. Funding was included in the Act and starts at the federal level and then is passed down to the county level. Funding from the Older Americans Act is around 1 million with the remainder being raised by the Council on Aging.
Meals on wheels is one of the largest programs that the Council on Aging provides and is probably the most recognizable. Meals on wheels provides around 1200 meals per day to Sonoma County Seniors. They are also the vendor for all of the meals served in Marin County. They have many dining facilities throughout the County and meals cost them about 7.00 per meal. Funding from the Older Americans act is about 3.00 per meal leaving the balance to fund raising.
If you know anyone who is struggling with the effects of aging The Council on Aging is the one call that you make. They have 17 programs that have little to no cost to the seniors. They will connect the senior with the services that they need.
Thank you, Marrianne for the informative presentation.