Commissioner George Lawson Presents Wonder League 2015
President Pam Presents India
There was no formal program at the meeting.
George Lawson presented an overview of the Wonder League program that our Club has sponsored for the past 4 years. A video was shown with numerous participants enjoying the game. The program is a successful program both for the services provided to the children, as well as for support given to the families caring for these children including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings. Also benefiting from the program are the numerous student volunteers will get to see close-up the joy that they can share with people with special needs. The community also benefits from the program.
All games are played on Saturday from 10:30 AM until noon. Location: Foss Creek Community Center baseball field.
This year there will be a special spring training day on 4 April.(VOLUNTEERS NEEDED) Participants will be given uniforms and individualized batting practice, throwing practice and fielding practice. On 11 April photographs of each of the participants will be taken for inclusion on their baseball trading cards. The last game of the season will be on 30 May at Recreation Park and will be hosted by the Prune Packers.
Pres. Pam Moulton presented a summary of her recent Rotarian trip to India. Every day she met with Rotarians and got to see native Indian people living in their communities. Although the country is large and for the most part impoverished and underdeveloped, the entire population seems to have a sense of “settledness” where concern for others seems more important than concern for oneself. This is especially true with the Rotary Clubs where Service Above Self seems to be on the highest altar. One of the philosophies prevalent in the Indian society is that our bodies are simply vessels for the souls and that when our body passes away, the soul moves on to another body in a state of improvement ultimately becoming more and more refined through the good experiences that they experienced in a  prior physical form.
There's a great sense of “giving back” to people less fortunate than you. This reflects part of the balance inherent in the concept of settledness. People thrive on the connections with other people in their community. Each day, in most households, activities begin with a prayer seeking balance for starting the day.
Some photos from her trip are on the website Photo Library for 11 March 2015