The Planting Project was a huge success!  Richard Hillman was the first there at 8:50 AM and Howard Brunner arrived at 8:58 AM.  They were very proud of that so I thought I'd mention it.  The remain three (Marjie Pettus, Pam Iverson and Susan Jones) of us arrived shortly after 9:00 AM.  The short story was we planted close to 1,000 plants during the three and a half hours we were there.  The weather was beautiful.  City staff were great!  The guys got to digging and the women and children got to planting.  It was perfect!  I can't walk today and I have it on good authority that another Rotarian is a tad stiff.  Hats off to Richard, Howard and Pam as they left our planting project to go work at the Wonder League.  Now that's dedication!  Thanks for a great day everyone!