On Sunday, 26 January, 7 students and the faculty advisor from the Interact Club at Healdsburg High School participated in a county-wide cleanup project at the Pomo Canyon Campground near the Sonoma Coast. This campground has been closed for the past 3 years. With improved state funding, it is likely that the campground will open again this year. There wereT 70+ students who spent 3 hours clearing the campgrounds of brush, clearing trails, and generally cleaning up the area so that it could once again be used. A barbecue of hotdogs and hamburgers along with fresh fruit and potato salad was provided by a member of one of the other sponsoring clubs. After the cleanup project was completed, the students from Healdsburg spent an hour or so at the coast walking among the tide pools and getting their feet warm in the sand. It was a beautiful day with excellent weather. All of the students who participated felt particularly good about what they had accomplished during that day.
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