The purpose of the program for today was to compare and contrast the 2 Foundations in which our Club participates.
The purpose of the program for today was to compare and contrast the 2 Foundations in which our Club participates.
Ken Moulton presented the Rotary International Foundation statistics, goals and objectives. The mission of the Rotary International Foundation to promote and support international goodwill, humanitarian grants, education, the Polio Plus program, and the Rotary Peace Scholar program among others.  
Grant dollars are received and distributed through 2 different mechanisms. The Annual Fund receives money from Districts and Clubs. That money is held for 3 years and then is given back to the Clubs for projects. The proceeds of the monies held for 3 years help fund the operation of the Foundation. There is also a Permanent Fund, the earnings from which are used to support numerous other Club and District programs  internationally.   The Rotary International Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions made to it are fully tax-deductible.
The grant program has changed appreciably this year and now includes District Grants which can be used for local or international projects, Global Grants which allow for collaboration between clubs in different countries, and Packaged Grants which are co-funded with other major agencies in partnerships such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for eradication of polio and malaria.
Terry Tremblay reported on the history of the Sunrise Rotary Club of Healdsburg Foundation, to be known as the Sunrise Foundation within the Club. The Foundation was approved as a 501(c)(3) organization on April 11, 2014. Its main purpose is for the educational, charitable and benevolent needs of our community. Donations to this Foundation are fully deductible. The governance of the Foundation is through the same Board of Directors as the Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise and meetings are held jointly. There is a Foundation advisory committee made up of 6 members, 2 of which are elected each year. Terms are for 3 years. The Sunrise Foundation requires a separate set of books from the Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise and will be subject to yearly audits after its 5th year of existence.
Both presentations were quite helpful in understanding the sometimes confusing aspects of such multi-focused organizations.