Herb Liberman and his wife Beverly have recently returned from a trip to Kenya
Herb Liberman and his wife Beverly have recently returned from a trip to Kenya
The purpose of the visit was threefold:
1.            Visit with headmaster Timothy of the Kiurani High School in Chogoria, Kenya
2.            Visit with students and families from the Kiurani High School
3.            Review Herb's business with macadamia and cashew producers in Kenya.
Beverly presented most of the information from their visit. Our Club and local friends have funded scholarships for 44 students ($250 covers fees, room and board for one year). There are about 70 students in financial need and hopefully a wider range of participation will be stimulated by this presentation. Seven of the students who have been sponsored by the Club are now attending university. This is a staggering development for a small, rural high school. In fact, student outcomes at the Kiurani High School rival those of the largest private and public schools in Kenya.
Letters from students were passed to members of the Club by Beverly and read aloud. These letters express the deep gratitude for the opportunities our scholarships have opened to these young people. George. Dutton reported on his experience of having sponsored a student through high school and about his plans to continue supporting that student through university education.
Herb and Bev presented a photo essay on the school, living conditions and the challenge that the students and their families face in pursuing this educational pathway. This will ultimately lead to a richer life not only for the students, but also for their families and the community in general.
Members are encouraged to talk with Herbert Bev about becoming sponsors for the coming year. We are hopeful that all of the 70 students requiring financial aid might be helped by our generosity.
Thank you, Bev and Herb, for a wonderful job, well done!