Steve Brumme is a polio survivor. He contracted the disease when he was 3 months old and it left him paralyzed from the waist down. He came to speak about his journey through life and the lessons that he has learned along the way.  Member Dan Erickson introduced him as a cyclist, motivational speaker, artist, mentor, adventurer and fellow Rotarian.
Steve began by talking about 2 stories that each of us creates. These stories can inspire and allow us to connect with what we love about life. They help us to see our individual dreams and visions which enable us to get outside of the experiences we are encountering in order to develop new skills as a result of this examination.
The 1st story consists of actions taken and results achieved by those actions. This is largely populated by facts and figures as well as concrete evidence of the changed environment.
The 2nd story results from the interpretation of the feedback that we receive from the 1st.  It is this feedback that helps us to understand the meaning of what we have done. It helps us to build faith, overcome loneliness, and to make new friendships. It is these friendships which give us a greater awareness and acceptance of what happens in the world.  It allows us to develop a deep appreciation for the differences that exist among people in a way that uses those differences to create a positive world image.  He described living these 2 stories as the "Hero's Journey".
Steve has written a book, Moving Fast Sitting Still.  It recounts his journey and adventures on his 900 mile bike tour to raise awareness to end Polio and is best described in his own words:

"On June 2, 2013 I embarked from the Sonoma Square on the 900 Mile End Polio Now Rotary International Hand Cycle Tour. After one injury that required me to convalesce for 2 months I got back on the road and finished my 900 Mile End Polio Bike Tour, but not before flipping my bike and damaging my right rotator cuff just 54 miles from my finish line.   Not wanting the delay the trip a second time I pushed through the pain, and finished my ride on Oct 16.  

Each day on the road was a fantastic nearly miraculous experience of meeting new people, learning new things that sent my mind in orbit each night as I would lay on my pillow just considering the amazing events that occurred that day..... this story is about my beliefs in the goodness of this world that led me on an adventure that changed my life".


This was a very special meeting which touches the heart and the mind.  Thank you, Steve.